Best 8 Juices for Weight Loss – Fruits & Vegetables juices

Most peoples always think about the liquid diet for their weight loss. but going with a liquid diet is not too good for your digestive system. so always taking a liquid diet with a balanced diet is a good option for your overall health and weight loss journey. so you will get here all about the Juices for Weight Loss. keep reading this article. only liquid juice is not enough to lose weight you should carry it with a healthy diet, exercise, and good hours of sleep to achieve your weight loss goals.

Best Juices for Weight Loss:-

Below is a list of the best juices for weight loss

  • Amla Juice:-

Juices for Weight Loss

Amla Juice is a good source of vitamin C, and vitamin C is responsible for boosting your immunity. you can start your day with a glass of Amla Juice so that you keep your digestive system functioning well and good metabolism. so good metabolism is good for weight loss fast. if you want to take its best benefits then you should take it with an empty stomach. take 3 spoons of amla powder with warm water to lose weight.

  • Pineapple Juice

Juices for Weight Loss

Vitamin C is filled in pineapple juice. and it protects you from the cold. pineapple is a good source of fat burn. bromelain enzymes found in pineapple metabolize protein and help remove fat. Bromelain combines with one another enzyme which is lipase and both help in digesting fat and reducing appetite. a glass of pineapple juice is enough for your body to receive all essential nutrients.

  • Orange Juice

Juices for Weight Loss

Orange juice is healthy juice that is low in calories than others. it is also a good source of vitamin C, and vitamin C is good for metabolic activity in your body. orange is the best fruit for your to lose weight because of its low-calorie content. but if you are a diabetic patient then you should consult your doctor first. a glass of orange juice is enough for your losing weight.

  • Watermelon Juice

Juices for Weight Loss

This juice is full of vitamins A, B, and C. lots of functions are done with these vitamins. like your skin health and your immunity system. also it improves your metabolism. watermelon has an amino acid name arginine and arginine is a good source of weight loss. so you should include watermelon juice in your weight loss journey.

Best Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss:-

Now we will discuss some vegetable juices for weight loss.

  • Bottle Gourd Juice:-

Juices for Weight Loss

Bottle gourd is a good source of vitamin C and K. bottle gourd helps you in lowering your bad cholesterol and also gives you a better healthy heart. it also contains low calories which help in reducing your fat. in summer it gives you refreshed mood due to its cooling properties.

  • Cabbage Juice:-

Juices for Weight Loss

Cabbage juice is also a good source of vitamins C and K. Cabbage juice provides you with many health benefits such as it improves gut health, improves imbalanced hormones, etc. it has low calories so that you get weight loss. cabbage juice helps with your stomach problems like digestion problems and bloating problems. cabbage is filled with fiber. you should take a glass of cabbage juice in your daily life.

  • Bitter Gourd Juice:-

Juices for Weight Loss

Bitter gourd is a good source of magnesium, iron, potassium and vitamin c. bitter gourd juice is good for your liver. also, it is less in calories so you should take it for your weight loss. you are suggested to take 3 to 4 teaspoons of water to lose weight.

  • Carrot Juice:-

Juices for Weight Loss

Carrot juice is good in fiber and has low in calories. which is why it is good for weight loss. a full glass of carrot juice gives your tummy full for a longer time. so that you will not take extra snacks. it also increases your bile secretion which burns your fat so fast. so include a glass of carrot juice in your diet to lose weight loss.

Drinking Juices benefits:-

If you want to fill your nutrition requirements then drinking juice can be one of the options. those people who are on diet should take at least 6 to 8 servings of veggies in their daily life. so if you do not want to take this then you can blend these vegetables into a liquid juice. and can enjoy. there are some juices which if you take them in the morning give you the full required vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. below are some best benefits of these juices.

  • Improve Gut Health:-

Juices can provide you with all the essential nutrients which can boost your immunity. juices relax your gut problems. fruits and vegetable juices provide fiber such as oligosaccharides which help in gut health. and help in weight loss.

  • Reduce Inflammation:-

who suffer from chronic inflammation can suffer from obesity. so if your drink juice you can reduce your inflammation and your excess weight. if you have a healthy weight it means you have better immunity.

  • Help in Antioxidants:-

Fruits and vegetable juices are great sources of vitamins, carotenoids, and phytochemicals, and these work as antioxidants that removes free radicals from your body. so these juices help you in preventing toxic waste which damages your cells and tissues. try to drink squeezed juice rather than packaged juice boxes. packaged juices boxes have less amount of nutrients like minerals, antioxidants, etc. we suggest you please consult your doctor first before including any juice in your diet so that you will get to know the best juice for weight loss and can try it on your weight loss journey.


Q1:- can sugar present in juice stop you from weight loss?

Ans:- No it contains fructose which contains natural sugar. In addition, they contain lots of fibers which help in weight reduction.

Q2:- Can packaged juice be good for weight loss?

Ans:- No squeezed fruits are better than packaged juice for weight loss. packaged juice does not contain more nutrients than squeezed juice.

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