Top 5 Natural sources of Biotin – what is Biotin- Health Benefits of Biotin

Biotin is known as B7 or Vitamin H. it is the part of Vitamin B family. This is a very essential nutrient and is found in many foods. it is present in dietary supplements. many enzymes such as carboxylases function with the help of Biotin. carboxylases which form metabolic processes such as produce fatty acids and glucose. Biotin helps in many body parts like hair, skin, and nails. so in this article, we will discuss whole Natural sources of Biotin, Biotin health benefits, and many more. so stay tuned for the article.

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Health Benefits of Biotin:-

Now will discuss below some benefits of Biotin:-

  • Hair Health:

Keratin in hair is produced by vitamin H and increases hair growth. if you regularly intake biotin it helps in hair growth and hair health. it also helps in strengthening and shines of hair. Biotin helps to protect hair from dandruff, scalp problem, itchiness, and hair loss problem.

  • Nails and Skin health:-

For the skin, biotin helps in the production of fatty acids which is beneficial for the skin. it helps in nourishing the skin and helps it function properly. help oil glands.

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