What is GM Diet :-The GM Diet, A 7-Day Plan to Lose Weight and Feel Great

If you are looking for ways to lose some extra kilos quickly then The GM Diet is best for you. it is one of the most famous low-carb diet plans which is formulated by General Motors to help people with weight loss.

This plan was started by General Motors to give healthy life and productivity to their employees. its result was very positive and soon this kind of diet was implemented across the world. in this article, we will discuss what is GM Diet, its benefits, risks, and eating habits.

What is GM Diet:-

This GM Diet is a seven-day diet plan for weight loss. there are strict rules on the food groups in which food can be consumed over these seven days. in this, the food consists of negative calorie effects but high water content. that is why it helps to burn more calories than their bodies can consume. this diet plan aims to reduce nearly five to ten kilos or even more in a week.

What is GM Diet

GM Diet Food:-

This diet is for seven days and each day has different rules. a person who is on GM Diet can drink ten to twelve glasses of water daily to get hydrated.

Below is some specific food that can eat when anyone is on this diet plan.

  • A person can eat all types of fruits except bananas or fruit juices
  • Brown rice ( one cup)
  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • four to five glasses of milk
  • Cooked or uncooked vegetables but without oil
  • sprouts
  • Cashews, almonds, walnuts
  • Unsweetened black coffee
What is GM Diet

Benefits of the GM Diet:-

  • Eliminate waste from the body and excess toxins
  • Increase natural glow and skin health
  • Help in increasing the metabolism rate of a person
  • Help in the consumption of healthy vegetables and fruits

Disadvantages of the GM Diet:-

  • It is not suitable for each person
  • People can feel weak
  • It is not suitable for the long-term dietary plan
  • It is not a sustainable way to weight loss
  • It is not claimed by any scientific research.
What is GM Diet

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Who can try the GM Diet plan:-

Those who want to lose weight very quickly can go with this diet plan. but there are some cliches. it helps to lose some kilos in a short time but before following this plan you should be aware of the consequences and follow the rules strictly for each day.

A 7-Day Plan to Lose Weight:-

Fruit diet – Day one:-

Breakfast:- an orange or an apple

Snack:- Half bowl of sliced muskmelon

Lunch:- One bowl of sliced watermelon

Snack:- One orange

Dinner:- Pomegranate and A cup of muskmelon

Snack:- Half a cup of watermelon

Vegetable Diet – Day Two:-

Breakfast:- A bowl of boiled potatoes

Snack:- Half bowl of cucumber

Lunch:- Spinach, cucumber, capsicum, and a cup of lettuce

Snack:- Glass of lemon juice with a small pinch of salt and Half a cup of sliced carrots

Dinner:- Green peas and a cup of boiled broccoli

Snack:- One sliced cucumber

Fruit and Vegetable Diet- Day Three:-

Breakfast:- A half bowl of muskmelon

Snack:- Pear or cup of sliced pineapple

Lunch:- Cucumber, capsicum, spinach, and a cup of lettuce

Snack:- Glass of lemon juice with a small pinch of salt and Half a cup of sliced carrots

Dinner:- Green peas and a cup of boiled broccoli

Snack:- One cucumber

Bananas and Milk Diet:- Day four:-

Breakfast:- Two bananas

Snack:- One banana

Lunch:- A glass of milk with cocoa powder

Snack:- Two bananas

Dinner:- A glass of milk and one banana

Snack:- One glass of milk

Meat Diet (Chicken, Fish, Beef)- Day five:-

Breakfast:- Tomatoes – 3

Snack:- Glass of water- 4

Lunch:- Meat ( 250 grams) and a large tomato

Snack:- Glass of water -2

Dinner:- A bowl of hot piping tomato soup

Snack:- Glass of water – 4

Meat and Vegetable Diet- Day six:-

Breakfast:- Glass of carrot juice – 1

Snack:- Half a cup of veggies

Lunch:- 250 grams of meat and half a cup of brown rice

Snack:- One cup of cucumber slices

Dinner:- A half bowl of brown rice

Snack:- 100 grams of chicken, half a cup of veggies

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Diet- Day Seven:-

Breakfast:- Apple juice or a glass of orange juice

Snack:- Glass of water – 4

Lunch:- Sauteed veggies and a half cup of brown rice

Snack:- Few assorted berries or a cup of watermelon

Dinner:- One bowl of soup

Snack- Glass of water – 4

The GM diet is a quick solution to weight loss. it promotes healthy eating habits due to decreasing the consumption of refined processed foods and carbohydrates. As we discussed its benefits to the body but it has also some side effects such as loss of appetite and weakening muscles etc.

also, this plan is not for everyone as different people can get different results. so it is always recommended before consuming this diet plan consult any healthcare professional as the diet plan can vary as per age, lifestyle, and gender.

What is GM Diet


Q1:- Is the GM diet good for fat loss?

Ans:- Yes it is a very effective dietary plan to lose weight

Q2:- How many days can we do the GM diet?

Ans:- Seven days

Q3:- What are the negative effects of the GM diet?

Ans:- muscle loss and weakness, and mood swings

Q4:- How many kg will reduce after the GM diet?

Ans:- Three to six kg

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