Top 5 Detox Diet for Weight Loss: What Is a Detox Drinks and foods

When you want to shed weight then you can go with a detox diet. it will not provide only weight loss but you will get also health benefits. in this article, we will discuss Detox Diet for Weight Loss. so read till the end.

Detox Diet for Weight Loss:-

A detox diet is a diet where peoples remove toxins and other contaminants from their bodies. detox diet helps you to clean your blood. detox diet varies according to the periods of fasting which involves the consumption of fruits, raw vegetables, herbs, etc.

Effective Detox Diets:-

Using a detox diet your overall health effects. it improves your overall health, energy, your digestion, your mental health. in this diet, you have to restrict your calorie intake. it helps with metabolic health which leads to weight loss. peoples mostly feel energetic on taking this diet. following changes can be added to a detox diet.

  • do not take alcohol
  • do not take processed food products
  • not take sugar-added food and solid fats

according to some studies from Biomed Central state that this detox diet helps in fat reduction with the help of calorie restriction. detox diet improved digestion. the detox drinks flush out toxins from your body. so that your metabolism increases. so if you have a healthy digestive system and healthy metabolism helps you in your weight loss goal.

Types of Detox Diet:-

There are many detox foods and drinks which are effective for weight loss. some are below:-

Detox Drink for weight loss:-

  • Honey with Cinnamon water:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

This is a drink that is made of half a spoonful of cinnamon water and one spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water. if you add lemon to it then it will be plus for weight loss. honey has lots of minerals, and healthy fats or essential vitamins.  the nutrients which are present in honey remove the appetite and help you in your weight loss. honey is the best substitute for sugar. if talk about cinnamon water helps you with weight loss and helps you in losing fat because it has antiparasitic and antimicrobial properties.

  • Vetiver water:

Vetiver water is known for its cooling nature. you can make this at your home with boil the water with the roots of the vetiver. now if you want to lose weight then you can take it to detox your body in a day. this drink is useful for your skin and your liver. also, it helps in nerve relaxation and insomnia.

  • Cranberry Juice:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

excess water in the body flushes out with this cranberry juice. cranberry juice has an antioxidant which is anthocyanin which helps in managing cholesterol levels and many infections like stomach ulcers and any kind of heart disease. this detox drink prevents urine infections.

  • Cucumber with Mint:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

In cucumber, there are antioxidants present that help remove toxins in your body. and if you mix mint into it helps in your digestion process which boosts your metabolism and your weight loss.

  • Coriander Water:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Coriander is the best source of fiber. coriander has lots of magnesium, iron, calcium, minerals, and vitamins A, C, and K.

Detox Food for weight loss:-

  • Lemons:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

In detox, citrus foods are the best source. citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. citrus fruits have vitamin C, these fruits fight harmful radicals which lead to illness, like heart diseases and diabetes, cancer also. lemons are responsible for restoring the body’s pH balance and it helps in strengthening your immune system.

  • Cabbage:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Cabbage is full of antioxidants called glutathione. it helps in improving liver function. it contains a chemical which is known as sulforaphane which fights against toxins. cabbage consists of bacteria that help you in digestion and help in your bowel function.

  • Beetroot:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

lots of fiber present in Beetroots. beetroot helps your gallbladder and liver which removes your excess bile. it boosts the production of antioxidant enzymes in the liver. beetroot has also lots of nutrients like iron, vitamin c, and magnesium.

  • Broccoli:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Broccoli is rich in vitamin c and selenium. broccoli is the best detox food for your liver. you can intake it either in raw form or boiled form. broccoli has lots of fiber, which helps in the removal of toxins.

  • Garlic:-

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Garlic contains antioxidants which you require the fighting the damage which is caused by toxins. it also improves your cardiovascular function.

Time to lose weight with a detox diet:-

it depends on person to person on weight loss while taking a detox diet. some people find results for 7 days of the program but not everyone. at the time of detoxing the weight loss is due to water weight but not body fat. so when you stop your detox diet you will gain again your weight. you should add some exercise to this diet to get the best result. if your diet consists of calorie restriction then you will get weight loss and improve your metabolic health.

Hope you read all the above articles related to the detox diet where you got to know how you can lose weight so keep these above points in your mind in your journey of detox diet.

Note:- Before taking this diet it is advisable to consult your doctor first and take suggestions from them.


Q1:- Should consult any doctor before taking a detox diet for weight loss?

Ans:- Yes you should consult a doctor before adding this diet.

Q2:- Should we follow a detox diet on a regular basis?

Ans:- No you should not follow it on the regular basis. it can give you a deficiency of minerals and calories in your body.

Q3:- Who should not follow a dietary detox diet?

Ans:- Pragnent women, childern and teenagers.

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