Top 15 Food for Dengue patients – List of Foods to Avoid for Dengue Patients

Dengue is a huge disease in which patients suffer bone fever, headache, muscle, and joint pain also skin rashes. also, they suffer from low platelet which affects the immune system.

With taking proper medications and rest there are some food items that should include in a daily diet to recover from this disease. so in this article, we will discuss the top Food for Dengue patients, also the food that should avoid in this condition if you want to get full information then read this article till the end.

Food for Dengue Patients:-

The doctors mostly prescribe protein and iron-rich food to help to recover from dengue fever. the following food items help to strengthen the immune system which improves the platelet count.

  •  Papaya Leaves:-

Food for Dengue patients

Papaya leaves help in improving blood platelet count. it extracts enzymes like papain and chymopapain which are essential to growing blood platelets.

  • Spinach:-

Food for Dengue patients

Spinach is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and iron and it is important to enhance the immune system by growing the platelet count.

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