Nirgundi :- Top 15 Nirgundi benefits, Nirgundi uses, Nirgundi side effects

Scientific name of Nirgundi is Vitex Negundo. Nirgundi is an important herb in Ayurveda. this herb treats many diseases very effectively, but there are some of its benefits still unknown. This herb looks like Basil.


Like other herbs, Nirgundi has also some side effects, but if you follow some guidelines then you can easily overcome their side effects. if you take the exact amount of Nirgundi then it will provide you with numerous health benefits. so keep reading this article regarding all information about Nirgundi.


Nirgundi benefits:-

There are lots of health benefits of Nirgundi. these are as follows:-

  • Digestion health:-

Nirgundi gives you great help if you are suffering from a Digestion problem. stomach aches can be calmed down due to its anti-inflammatory properties. it improves appetite and reduces gas formation. the extract of this herb also helps with diseases like ulcers.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties:-

when the human body contact with many foreign substances the body produces inflammation. so that the natural process of body activating the immunity produces inflammation. Nirgundi has anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief of internal pain and ailments.

  • Liver Diseases:-

Nirgundi decreases the alanine transaminase level as well as the aspartate transaminase level. its seed extract helps in protecting the liver from toxicity. Nirgundi also helps in the enlarged liver and other inflammatory reactions.

  • Infection treatment:-

The infections are caused by some bacteria such as E.coli, S.aureus and B.subtilis treated by Nirgundi effectively. because Germacrene D, d-guanine, and hexadecenoic acid are present in Nirgundi oil which has anti-bacterial properties. it has also antifungal properties which work on fungal infections too.

  • Help in PMS:-

Menstruating women have a common health issue which is PMS. These are the symptoms that come before periods. in its worst stage, it causes depression, anxiety, fatigue, breast pain, and many more. so Nirgundi helps in reducing these symptoms and calms the body. so regular consumption of Nirgundi removes the effects of PMS.

  • Help in Respiratory diseases:-

For any respiratory disease, this herb can be used as a helpful medicine. it can be consumed as a herbal tea which helps to remove phlegm from the respiratory tract. Nirgundi extract relieves the pain in the throat aches if it gurgles with water. Nirgundi improves breathing function and opens air passages. so that it is used in the treatment of some diseases like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

  • Skin Problems:-

For skin, you have to choose the best herb because they hardly harm your skin. For many years Nirgundi has been used for skin treatment of acne and breakouts. with the help of Nirgundi seeds some skin diseases are treated like vitiligo and leprosy.

  • Heals wounds:-

As we know Nirgundi extract has anti-inflammatory properties. so Nirgundi has the qualities to treat wounds. its antibacterial essence is helpful in the prevention of bacterial infections and bad smells in the wound.

  • Help in Fertility issues:-

It helps in treating fertility issues. Nirgundi fruit extract has terpenoids and this is helpful in many hormonal disorders and helps in strengthens the female reproductive system. those women facing infertility issues can get a prescription to use the Nirgundi for better results.

  • Help with High fever:-

Nirgundi has natural antibiotics and vitamin C and this is very helpful in reducing the temperature of the body. High fever can be treated with a dose of Nirgundi leaves boiled in water. it can treat fever which is due to internal infection by boosting the immune system.

  • Help in reducing the Epilepsy symptoms:-

Nirgundi is a memory-boosting herb. so it is used in many neurological disorders. it has alkaloids and phytonutrients like polyphenols and organic steroids. it has antispasmodic constituents which control abnormal muscular actions like seizures.

  • Help in Joint Pain:-

If you have chronic pain then it can be decreased by Nirgundi bark and root extracts. its plant has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which help calm joint pain, muscle spasms,s and many more. that is why the patient with arthritis can get the best pain relief from the dose of Nirgundi.

  • Help in the menopausal phase:-

In Menopause women face many problems due to hormonal changes. during this time there are many health mental issues. Nirgundi helps in the improvement of progesterone hormone secretion and with the help of it, women make this phase very easy. it reduces vaginal dryness and hot flashes. also helps with mood disorders effectively.

Nirgudi oil

  • Reduce Greying of hair:-

You can use Nirgundi extract if you are facing premature grey hair. this plant has many antioxidant properties like terpenoids, flavonoids, and vitamins E, C. These are much more responsible for hair growth. for repairing hair you can use this herb’s extracts and mix them with sesame oil will give you the best result.

  • Help in Anxiety Disorder:-

Nirgundi is the best medicine for the treatment of mental illness. it has the anxiety-treating capability. it improves mental freshness with the help of anxiety reduction, depression, and insomnia.


Nirgundi uses:-

You can consume Nirgundi as juice, capsules, and powder. Nirgundi oil is used for external usage. you can consume Nirgundi powder and extract it by mixing it with lukewarm water and regular water. you can easily find this product in the market. you can use Nirgundi extract by boiling it in water or mixing it with herbal tea.


Side Effects of Using Nirgundi:-

Like other herbs, Nirgundi has also some side effects

  • It affects heart function
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomach issues
  • Rashes
  • Allergy triggering
  • Reduces milk production of newly mother
  • Reduces the effectiveness of oral contraceptives
  • It accelerates hormone secretion during pregnancy

But if you take Nirgundi in a proper way then you can easily avoid these side effects. so if you have any medical condition then you should consult the doctor before taking Nirgundi.


Precautions for Using Nirgundi:-

You should take some precautions while consuming this herb

  • If you have any hormonal issues then you should not take it
  • Do not take it without any proper consultation with a doctor.

Who should not take Nirgundi:-

According to any health condition, there are some people who should avoid this herb for safety purposes.

  • Breastfeeding mother
  • Pregnant women
  • Who has heart disease
  • Who has allergic tendencies

Now you have seen there are multiple health benefits of Nirgundi which help you to improve many physical and mental disorders. however, there are some risks that you should not be ignored before consuming it. so you should take advice from an expert to know how to consume Nirgundi herb without having any health harm.



Q1:- What are the ways of using Nirgundi?

Ans:- oil, paste, powder, etc

Q2:- How to use Nirgundi powder?

Ans:- You can use it with lukewarm water for relief of pain

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