20 Best Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss

Aerobics mean a physical activity that pumps your heart rate and increases your sweating. lots of benefits of aerobics exercises like cardiovascular health and supply of oxygen in the body. it also boosts your blood circulation, reduces the risk of diabetes and it benefits you in weight loss. so in this article, we discuss all the Best Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss.

Best Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss:-

Best Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss

If you don’t know that aerobic exercises can help you in weight loss then here are some below exercises which help you in your weight loss.

  •  Bear Crawls:-

The following benefits of the Bear crawl exercise

  1. It provides strength to your body.
  2. It increases the power of muscle
  3. It boosts metabolism and cardiovascular health

Way to do a perfect bear crawl

  1. The first step is to get on your hands and feet
  2. keep your back straight and then your knees slightly bent. then start to begin to crawl
  3. forward Walk with your left hand and your right leg then switch with your right hand and your left leg

you should repeat this exercise in sets of 4 to 5.

  • Flutter Kicks:-

this exercise is best for reducing your waistline. it is very simple to do below are its steps.

  1. First, lie down straight and put your arms below your lower back for your support
  2. now raise your leg halfway then put your leg down and repeat this.
  3. repeat this exercise 20 to 25 times with 4 to 5 sets
  • Donkey Kicks:-

Donkey kicks help in your glutes and hips below are its steps

  1. put your hand below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips
  2. now take your right leg in the air and bring it back down like the same starting position
  3. now do this with your left leg
  4. do this 15 to 20 times with 4 sets.
  • High Knees:-

This exercise helps burn calories and improve metabolism. below are the steps

  1. stand and keep your back straight
  2. take your right knee towards your waist level then slow down your knee
  3. do this now with another knee.
  4. do this 15 to 20 times.
  • Inchworms:

You will find lots of fun in this inchworm exercise. and it’s good for weight loss. it helps in your arms, chest, and your back. here are the steps

  1. stand properly with your feet and your shoulder should be wide
  2. now bend at the waist and your hands should go to the ground.
  3. now take your hands forward like in the plank position
  4. now take your feet towards your head and back to an upright position
  5. do this 3 to 5 times with the repetition of 15 times
  • Jogging:-

Jogging is the best exercise to fit your full body. it helps and gives you endurance and stamina which makes your bones strong. with the help of jogging boost your metabolism and increase your immunity. it helps to build your hamstring, glutes, and your calf. jogging is best for your heart and your lungs and it helps in your weight loss.

  • Jumping Jacks:-

It is another best exercise for your full body which affects your quads, your abs, your calf, and your hamstrings. below are the steps

  1. you should first stand straight on your feet and your hand should be at the side
  2. now jump with your feet spread to the side and your hands raise over your hand
  3. jump to the starting position and then repeat.

jumping jacks for about daily 30 minutes give your weight loss. you will lose calories.

  • Mountain Climber:-

The mountain climber is best for weight loss it helps your tone abs, glutes, hips, and your legs below are the steps

  1. First, put your body into a plank position and take your right knee up to your stomach center
  2. now do this with your left knee

Body posture is a must in this exercise

  • Skipping:-

if you skip around 30 to 40 minutes it means you will lose nearly 400 calories. it helps in your calf, glutes your shoulders below are the steps

  1. stand straight on your feet and widen your shoulder
  2. now swing the rope above your head and now jump both feet when the rope comes down.
  • Sprinter’s Sit-ups:-

it is another best exercises for weight loss. below are the steps.

  1. lie down on your back and your arms should be under your head
  2. now lift your left knee and your leg towards your right elbow. after it comes back into the original position
  3. do it with now opposite leg with the same process.
  • Squat Jacks:-

you can add squat jacks aerobic exercise for weight loss. it helps in improving posture and stabilizing your lower body. steps are

  1. stand on your feet and take your hands at your side
  2. jump into the squat position
  3. you have to put your weight on your heels and again jump into your normal standing position

you should do this 15 repetitions with 2 to 3 sets.

  • Stair Training:-

This exercise is good for your hamstrings, glutes, and your calf muscles. stair training exercise affects your lower body and boosts your cardiovascular system. this is the best exercise for weight loss in this exercise you have to walk up and down the stairs. you can do this exercise for 30 minutes on the daily basis to lose weight.

  • Swimming:-

Another exercise swimming is also the best exercise for weight loss it helps your arms and your back muscles. also helps in reducing calories. it is another full-body workout exercise and loses weight.

  • Walking:-

walking can give you the best result in your weight loss journey. it helps with high blood pressure problems and diabetes. it helps burn calories and help in weight loss.

  • Weight Training:-

with the help of weight training, you will get build your muscles. it helps in the loss of calories. it helps to improve your posture, endurance strength, and your heart health.

  • Running:-

Another exercise is another exercise for weight loss. it helps remove calories.it is a full-body workout and gets a good effect on your leg and the core muscles of your body. running is the best aerobic exercise for weight loss.

  • Burpees:-

Burpees have full-body effects and many benefits. it increases your blood circulation, strengthens your body, and helps in your heart rate. following are the steps to do Burpees

  1. First, you should stand on your feet and spread your shoulders
  2. Then you have to squat and go into the plank position
  3. now remain in the plank position and jump into an upright position.

do it a reputation of 12 to 15 times in 4 to 5 sets. it is very helpful in weight loss.

Can aerobics exercise really help in reducing weight?:-

Aerobic exercise is best for weight loss in many manners:-

  • Aerobics exercise affects large muscles groups which is why it helps faster to lose weight
  • It helps in your heart rate and your cardiovascular health so that you will get help in losing weight
  • it burns fat faster so that you can lose weight

Time to take lose weight with aerobics exercises:-

it depends on person-to-person weight and the frequency of your exercise. also depends on your diet. but we can consider if you have a 75-kilo weight and you exercise daily for one hour so in three to four months you may decrease 2 to 3 kilos from your weight but it also depends on your diet.

Aerobic exercise for which age group:-

We can say that aerobic exercises are suitable for each age group but there is some exception like pregnant women. they should consult a doctor first before doing any aerobic exercise. you can schedule your time and the exercise

Best time to do aerobic exercise:-

you can do aerobic exercise whenever you feel good to do. but if you do it in the morning you can get the best result. so it is suggested to you add this above-given exercise to your routine to lose weight.

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